About FFL Payment

Reloadcentre.com is offering am escrow system payment, This payment system enable us to have customers pay for their product after they most have recieve it and tnen release payment after the most have confimed their orders delivery successfull.

How Does this works

  • Firstly you need to create an account with MyWallet.ReloadCentre.com. It is very simple and streigth forward, no verification needed.
  • After Creating the account You needed to top-up your account with the amount you want to do your purse with minimum deposite is $50.
  • Every SIGN UP USER, has a uniqe Wallet address where they can use to make their deposite and it will appear in their account.

How Do i make deposite?

  • Go over to your menu bar after you most have signup / login, click on my account.
  • Click on Top Up Wallet on the menu bar
  • Click on walet topup enter the amount you want to deposite and click on ADD
  • All deposite are been don in Crypto currencies (BNB, ETH and BTC {Bitcoin}).
  • Select your prefer coins and click on place order.


We aim to build a trust and secure firearm market olace to all.

Our Goals

Provition of customers safety of their money and personal informations online


The project was identy due to the numerus online scam.